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100 Ebooks to Giveaway to YOU!

Today, we reached a milestone, and we will choose 100 subscribers, that will recieve an Ebooks for free. We are offering these giveaways in a period of 3 days, since we will need some time to choose, and send them manually!

We are changing our POLICY today, since it is a little a awkward when it comes to sharing someone's identity and emails, we won't do it anymore! So, from today on, we will be sharing with our subscribers, by just putting a part of winner's emails in the dark. So, from today on, you have to check emails more often, also our blog. Because we are valuating and sharing with only those who will be active at our page!
Now, some of the Ebooks, we will share are as shown below: Collins, Suzanne - The Hunger Games 01 - The Hunger GamesCollins, Suzanne - The Hunger Games 02 - Catching FireCollins, Suzanne - The Hunger Games 03 - MockingjayJulie Buntin - Marlena Pierce Brown - Morning Star (The Red Rising Series, Book 3)Margaret Atwood - The Handmaids TaleRowling, J.…

Christina Henry - Lost Boy, everything you need to know before reading

And so he did!

Peter promised we would all be young and happy forever. Peter lies.  After Christina Henry’s masterful retelling of Alice in Wonderland, she brings her talent to J.M. Barres’ story of Peter Pan, subverting the tale into a darker frame as we see Peter Pan through the eyes of his greatest enemy and former best friend…Captain Hook. “Peter will say I’m a villain, that I wronged him, that I never was his friend. But I told you already. Peter lies. This is what really happened.” Jamie, the narrator of the story, is one of the first Lost Boys and Peter Pan’s best friend.  Though he looks to be between eight and twelve, he is in reality 100 plus years old and he has slowly grown disillusioned with his endless childhood and the burdens placed on him by Peter’s callousness, irresponsibility, and perpetually need for adoration. “I had been with Peter longer than I’d been in the Other Place, longer than I could count, anyway.” Jamie assumes responsibility for the boys Pete…